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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vertical Gardening

While community gardens are not a fad or flavor of the moment, over the past few years there have been fads so we have seen an interest in green roofs or rooftop gardening and most recently vertical gardening or garden walls. What does this have to do with community gardens? I think there are a lot of opportunities for different types of vertical gardening in community gardens. Most gardens have a limited amount of space or walls or fences where plants could be grown vertically. Now I'm nor talking about planting vines that climb walls or trellises but having soil or some kind of growing medium on a fence or wall. Again this is not a new idea but is becoming popular as architects and city planners look at ways to make cities sustainable or to grow more food in limited space in the city.
I am looking into ways to do low cost planters that can be hung on a fence or attached to a wall or structure. I am experimenting with using recycled woven polyester bags that hold gravel from building supply outlets. I will add pictures and report more on this experiment and any other ideas we try.

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