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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some Garden Tidbits and Pics

Update on Green Wall Experiment
I have created more recycled bag planters. On these I put 4 grommets - one on each corner. I filled them with a lightweight soil mix and compost and used tie wraps to attach them to the fence. They are planted with cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and collards.

Some pictures:

Close up of the newly hung and planted fence planters

3 tiers of Fence Planters

I visited two community gardens today.
The Miracle Garden on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY has become a place to lock bicycles and bicycle parts on the fence. There was also a bicycle sculpture on the fence. Initially I thought it was a "white bike" tribute to a bicyclist who was killed in a bicycle accident but with a closer look, it is actually 2 bicycles joined together sharing the rear wheel. I liked it.
Oh and the whole thing is topped off by a Smoke Tree in full bloom.


I also visited the West 104th St Community Garden in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We just installed a Rainwater Harvesting System collecting from an adjacent building with a 1000 square foot roof into a 1000 gallon tank. This garden has a rain barrel committee and they must have been hard at work before we arrived because this is what we found:

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