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Monday, July 12, 2010

Vertical Gardening Update

I'm having mixed results with the Vertical Gardening experiment. I have 2 test sites, 1 in a community garden that I visit once or twice a week and 1 in my backyard. The heat and drought we have been experiencing in the Northeast is not helping matters. I knew that the planters would have to be watered regularly but had hoped for some help from the rainfall. So the planters in the community garden are not fairing as well as those in the backyard. At home I have been watering every other day. In the community garden, they are watered less often.

The peppers seem to withstand the heat and lack of rainfall the best. Cucumbers and tomatoes are doing well. The tomatoes are all heirloom. So far the San Marzano are staying upright without any support. All of the plants seem to be supporting each other with the tendrils from the cucumbers helping to hold other plants up.

I tried planting Arugula seeds which did not do well, so I just replaced those with a pole bean which sprouted in about 3 days. Otherwise the only disease problem I have encountered is the 2 broccoli plants are growing tiny heads in the middle of the florets.

This week I added the liquid that drains from my worm bin to the planters at home and some compost to the planters in the community garden.

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