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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vertical Gardening Update II

The backyard vertical garden

As Autumn begins, the mixed results in the Vertical Gardening experiment continues. The community garden experiment is finished, as I haven't been there in over a month and I haven't had anyone watering for me. On the whole that experiment was unsuccessful but I was able to try different soil mixes. The straight clay soil became almost a solid, the compost did best and the mix that was mostly lightweight soil did not do well because of the lack of rain and intense heat. The bags are showing signs of fraying and I am guessing that most won't last another season.
Pea sprouts

In my backyard the plants are not producing profusely by any means but cucumbers, tomatoes and hot peppers have borne fruit. In a couple of the bags I replaced dead vines and non productive cauliflower with pea seeds that have sprouted and are growing well. I transplanted a brussels sprouts plant into one of the bags which seems to be doing fine. I tried transplanting a potato which did not survive. There are a few tomatoes still growing. The yellow mini plums seem to be doing the best.

Transplanted brussels sprouts and a lone cucumber flower

With the warm weather likely to continue - it is in the mid 70's today - the experiment continues as will my reports. Next one in about a month.


  1. I reckon the problem is insulation of those hanging bags. Maybe try double bags with a layer of coffee husks in between the two bags. coffee husks are light and absorb water too. Then you would just need to replace the outer bag if it got sun damaged. Not a fan of pallets as vertical gardens. I have seen hanging gardens made by cutting round holes in many stacked SMH pages and then filling this with earth (use whole pages on the bottom)This retains a lot of water but this is a heavy thing to hang.

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