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Sunday, August 21, 2011

ACGA Conference Report

The 32nd annual American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) conference was a rousing success on many fronts. Attended by over 350 people from 30+ states as well as 7 other countries. Workshops, a trade show and a day of tours meant that there was a variety of opportunities for folks to learn, teach and network.

At least 1 person who read this blog learned about the conference, received a scholarship, attended the conference and ended up sitting next to me by chance at the keynote speech. That speech and a significant percentage of workshops focused on research which shows me how far the community gardening movement has come from the first conference I attended 25 years ago.

I had the opportunity to connect with old friends and colleagues and lay the groundwork for future projects. I met folks who work with or have followed in the footsteps of former colleagues. I spoke with other New Yorkers who I have never met before that are working on parallel or complimentary projects. I chatted with someone who was on a bicycle tour of gardens I led at the conference in 2002. I ended the day Saturday pretty hoarse from leading a tour of Gardens in the Bronx that have a connection with public schools. The photos here are from that tour.

All in all a tiring yet exhilarating experience. Next year San Francisco!

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