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Friday, March 5, 2010

Community Gardening Policy is a favorite topic of mine. I will be adding posts on community garden policy from time to time. It is a concern now in NYC because "The Agreement" between the city and the attorney general is set to expire this year and discussions are taking place about what will take the place of this agreement which is protecting community gardens from development. It is not clear what would or could happen once it expires.
So yesterday it was interesting to attend a meeting in Mount Vernon, NY , on the Bronx border, where the city planners were discussing open space as part of their comprehensive planning process and community gardens were part of the discussion. Now, Mt. Vernon has 68,000 residents (the 8th largest city in New York State), one community garden and the garden was started just last year. They hope to have a second this year. It is a whole different level of discussion from New York City with 600 or more gardens. Nonetheless, the Mt. Vernon folks were having this discussion and were doing urban planning and hopefully will come out of this process with a community garden policy.

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