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Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Rainwater Harvesting

March was a very busy month for Rainwater Harvesting. We installed 3 systems with GrowNYC staff and GreenApple Corps members. At the Fantasy Garden in Brownsville, Brooklyn we installed a 1500 liter tank on a 350 square foot garden structure.

At the Wishing Well Garden in the Bronx we
installed a 500 gallon tank on a 120 square
foot structure housing a composting toilet
and shed.

in the Bronx we built
a 200 square foot shade
structure with
a 1500 liter tank.


  1. Is it possible the rain water collected in the water tanks can be used for drinking? because there are so many ways in which rain water can get contaminated
    Water filters

  2. Viola,
    The rainwater can be made potable but it would require filtration to remove particles and exposure to ultraviolet light and/or addition of chlorine to kill any pathogens. This is more than most community gardeners can handle, so we recommend just using the rainwater for irrigation.